Popular Roulette Casino Myths

Roulette without a doubt has been the face of the casino industry for more than two centuries, the popular game of roulette has been linked to a number of myths. We’ll dedicate one of our articles to discussing the most popular roulette myths you can find out there. Live roulette and other live casino games, features a real dealer who’s at the table to manage the betting process of the game in real-time from an entire roulette table while being broadcasted through a live streaming link on the internet for smartphone users.

In live dealer roulette, the players witness the roulette wheel being forced to rotate and the ball spinning through the pockets. Hence the outcome of each spin will not be defined by a random number generator (RNG), just as you’d have with ordinary online roulette games. In a live roulette game, all players can make their decisions only by using a computer-screen console to take advantage of a number of other unique features by the roulette game variation, including social interaction with the dealer in charge of the game or the other players.

Live dealer games tend to be much more expensive for online casinos in comparison to virtual casino games using a pseudorandom number generation (PRNG), for instance. The live dealer games need a much higher investment in the technological area, and of course, the staffing. The typical live casino studio features multiple camera operators, a number of dealers to manage a variety of roulette casino games and other types of casino games.

Online roulette vs live dealer roulette

Online roulette games are usually flash-based – this means that they always display computer-generated images; this is why they are referred to as virtual games due to the fact that no human factor is featured.

On the flip side, live dealer games are broadcasted via live video streaming platforms. The produced outcomes are based on the weight of the ball while it’s spinning (called the weight of the ball spin. The roulette games amongst other casino games have gained enormous popularity, due to the two factors:

First, every player chooses to interact with a real person in front of the users monitor rather than interacting with an image artificially generated by the computer. The game gives you a different type of experience due to the social interaction it brings.

Secondly, some players prefer to witness how a dealer spins the roulette wheel in front of them in real-time, rather than just hearing how safe or fair the particular casino is. A roulette player, just like any other casino game player needs to be assured of the movement of the ball to help build his/her rust in the establishment.

Where to play live dealer roulette

Players based in the United Kingdom may take advantage of live roulette gaming options offered by different online casinos such as EuroGrand, William Hill, Smart Live Casino and others.

Players based in the United States are faced with a more modest choice. However, they may test their luck at places such as BetOnline Live Casino, Grand Parker Live Casino, and 5 Dimes Live Casinos.